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A Safe and Comfortable Cab Service in Town

Founded in 2020, Zeedar Taxi Service provides a safe and secure cab service to clients who don’t have their own transportation but need to get somewhere quick. So, if you need to get somewhere, I’m just a call away!

Cab Service

My Specialty

Zeedar Taxi Service is the go-to taxi cab service provider who will take you to your destination safely. After all, safety and comfort are what I specialize in so not only will you be safe during the entire trip, but you will be comfortable as well. It all depends on your preferences from the temperature in the cab to where you want your luggage placed. I do what I can to give you one hundred percent customer satisfaction.

Choose Me!

With my 14 years of experience in providing a cab service in Kodiak, AK, you can rest assured that you will get to your destination safe and sound. I don’t only mean that you will get there safely. I also mean that you will be safe in my vehicle because I make sure to clean and disinfect the seats so that my clients will not feel uncomfortable or be at risk of the virus. I guarantee that you will have a safe trip.

Looking for a taxi cab service in your area in Kodiak, AK? Give me a call at (907) 539-2772 right away and I’ll take you where you need to go.